A chimney adds character to a property in bucketloads, whether you have an active fireplace or it’s an aesthetical feature of your roofing. Unfortunately, they also offer an entryway for anything from rain to birds, so it’s important your chimney stack has the right protection in place.

One of the easiest solutions is a chimney cap or cowl, shielding your home from the elements. Even if you already have capping in place, it’s important to ask for regular inspections to ensure it remains in good working condition.

Here are the signs you need new chimney pot capping.

Chimney leaks

Although chimneys face a plethora of elements during the year, capping should stop water coming down your flue. If any cracks and holes have developed in your chimney stack or the chimney cowl becomes loose, it can cause water ingress or rain to come down your flue. Signs to look for include watermarks on your walls and ceiling, rain or dripping noises inside your fireplace and damp firewood.

Birds in your chimney

Birds and other pests often seek somewhere warm to nest or shelter from the rain. If your old chimney capping is no longer fit for purpose, you may notice signs like noises in your flue, faeces in your fireplace or bad odours if dead animals have become stuck within your chimney. You may also see nesting materials like twigs drop into your fireplace.

Debris in your fireplace

In high winds, roofs take a battering, and lots of airborne debris can reach your chimney. Without proper capping installed, some of these items could work their way down your flue, including stones, leaves, sticks and anything else caught up in the windy conditions.

Chimney flue draughts

Are you feeling the chill in your home? Check if there are downdraughts coming from your fireplace. Without stable chimney pot capping in place, strong winds from above can cause air to come back down your flue and enter your rooms. If you have an active fireplace, you may even find your spaces become a bit smoky if cold air is pushed downwards towards the flames.

Roof inspection findings

While it’s good to know the signs your chimney cowl needs replacing, one of the easiest ways to check if it’s missing, loose or beyond repair is to ask a recommended local roofer for an inspection. They’ll check your entire chimney stack and capping, letting you know if issues are brewing. They can also assist with a chimney cap replacement, ensuring the new cowl fits in with your existing roof style.

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