While many of us take out insurance to protect our homes, it can feel like a lot of hassle trying to make a claim. Involving experts to gather the right evidence to show to your insurance company is the key to a smooth process. This applies to matters relating to your roofing.

Typical scenarios for making roofing insurance claims include storm damage and your roof being hit by a fallen tree. Contacting your local roof repair service is a great place to start.

Here’s an expert insight into how roofing work affects your insurance.

Does property insurance cover roof damage?

Property owners can face lots of different roofing issues, including old and new roof problems. But does your home insurance cover the required work? Well, this will depend on your policy and what you’ve paid towards. Always checks the terms and conditions of your insurance to see what’s covered.

Insurance companies will look at several factors when deciding whether a claim is valid. This includes what caused the roof damage, how old your roof is and its condition before the damage. Normal wear and tear aren’t usually covered, but unexpected events like a fire, vandalism or storm damage may have more validity.

Can roofers help with insurance claims?

Getting a qualified roofer on board at the start of an insurance claim can make the process easier and quicker. This is particularly important if you require urgent roof repairs after severe weather.

If you want to make a claim, your roofing contractor can inspect the damage and give a written quotation for the repairs. This evidence can then be submitted to your insurance provider who will need proof of the repair costs to process the claim. Some insurance companies may even send someone out to your site, so it’s a good idea to have your roofer present for this visit so they can explain what’s wrong with your roofing.

Why are regular roofing inspections so important?

Regular roof inspections can help with insurance claims relating to your roofing, providing evidence of previous roof checks and maintenance work. Assessments should be carried out annually as a minimum.

While roofing companies don’t have to work with insurance providers, having an expert on board can help you win your claim, providing as much evidence as possible about the state of your roof and what needs to be done to fix it.

Can roof work invalidate your property insurance?

Roof work could affect your property insurance coverage. Whether it invalidates your current policy depends on the type of work you’re planning, whether it complies with regulations and if it increases the risk of property damage.

Roofing work which can invalidate future insurance claims includes projects completed without regard for the latest building regulations. Or perhaps you performed some roof repairs yourself and that led to more damage due to poor quality installations. Always work with licensed roofers to mitigate potential issues with your insurance.

If you’re planning roof alterations, like a loft conversion or solar panel installation, you should let your insurance company know so they can adjust your policy terms if necessary. Contact your provider before undertaking significant roof work to understand how it will impact your coverage.

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