When hiring a roofing contractor for flat roof work, it’s important to plan carefully and choose the best materials for the job. For example, what’s right for a new garage roof is going to be different from a flat roof that doubles as a balcony. Flat roof issues can be anything from blistering effects on the surface to being unsure about a roof leak source.

While modern flat roofs are high in quality (as long as you use a reputable roofing company), they aren’t indestructible. Ageing materials, poorly maintained roofing and severe weather can all create issues for homeowners. Luckily, spotting flat roofing problems early may prevent further damage to your property once it’s repaired.

Here are some of the top flat roof problems and how to solve them.

Flat roof leaks

Due to their structure, we see a lot of flat roof leaks, especially where existing drainage systems are no longer adequate. This issue can be caused by multiple factors, such as deterioration in the condition of the material or if a flat roof isn’t maintained properly. Never leave flat roof leaks unaddressed or they can escalate to interior damp, mould and structural damage.

To solve your property leak, your roofer will begin by identifying the cause. Hopefully, a few simple repairs will be required, like replacement flashing to reseal the roof edges. If the problem is down to extensive roofline damage, you may want to invest in new uPVC fascias and soffits.

Water pooling issues

Poor flat roof drainage can result in water pooling on top of your flat roof. While this may not cause issues initially, over time, older materials may start to bow under the weight, and materials can degrade faster. You could also see internal property leaks if the high volume of water works its way towards cracks and gaps in the roof.

Flat roofing should be installed at a slight angle to help with rainwater run-off, but you also need to ensure your drainage system works properly. This includes booking regular flat roof inspections, debris removals and gutter clearances.

Flat roof deterioration and blistering

Over the years, flat roof materials will face wear and tear, so they may begin deteriorating. Old flat roofs in poor condition have a greater chance of getting surface cracks and tears, especially if any of the underlying structures become damp.

Another sign of deterioration is a term called ‘blistering’, which is when you see a bubbling effect on the flat roof surface. This is usually caused by trapped moisture. Unfortunately, it’s a sign the material may need replacing before leaks and condensation issues worsen. However, you should ask a roofer to inspect the material and confirm your options, allowing you to make an informed decision.

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